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Innovative beltorque® Technology Offers The Following Advantages:

beltorque® is a patented system that synchronizes the linear displacement speed of the container and the rotating speed of the closure even when the cap stops turning. beltorque® technology uses parallel belts for screwing and tightening caps instead of discs found in traditional tighteners. It also uses custom designed snapping tooling for snap cap closure. The equipment is state-of-the-art design and packaging innovation that includes the following advantages:

  • High production speed (up to 300 containers per minute).
  • Possibility to apply high torque without caps scuffing. (No scuffing of closures)
  • Accurate measurement of the torque.
  • Controlled applied torque with minimum tolerances.
  • Digital display of applied torque for each cap.
  • A repeatable and stable process with minimal cross threads.
  • Reject rate for cross thread below 0.5% compared to approximately 2% with existing technology.
  • Quick single point adjustments for the torque while equipment is in operation.
  • Stability of the container during the screwing and tightening operation.
  • Flexibility to adapt equipment to a large variety of closures and containers
  • Facilitated validation process.
  • Minimum floor space required.