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beltorque® Inline Capper – BT-IC

This model is fully automatic. It places the cap on the container, screws the cap and applies a controlled torque on it. The beltorque® capper is equipped with three (3) sets of belts. The container gripper belts stabilize the containers during the capping operation. The screwing belts place and screw the closure on the container. The tightening belts apply the final required torque to the caps. The automatic inline beltorque® capper is mounted with caps chute and dedicated change parts for final placing and tightening of the closures on the container.

  • Packaging line speed up to 300 cpm
  • Standard cap diameter up to 4.75″ (120mm)
  • Container diameter from 0.5″ to 7″ (12mm to 175mm)
  • Container height from 2″ to 12″ (50mm to 305mm)
  • A PLC monitors the entire capping process and the critical parameters are logged in machine memory via an HMI
  • The integrated torque monitoring module (optional) attachment reads and displays the application torque for further evaluation of the product


beltorque® BT-IC Model

Indexing systems:

Depending on packaging line speed and bottle material beltorque® will be delivered with either a standard double spacing wheel, customized star wheel or customized feed screw system.

Inspection systems:

An inspection station verifies the presence of the cap on the container, the presence of the foil, the skewed caps and the lay-down bottles.

Reject systems:

Depending on packaging line speed and bottle material beltorque® will be delivered with either a standard reject table or a high-speed line deviator.



beltorque® Fully Automated Cap Sorter-Orienter

beltorque® capper is equipped with a fully automated cap sorter-orienter. Should the cap format not suitable for the device we can also provide other means of cap sorting such as vibrating bowl or centrifugal orienter using high-tech vision devices. The new cap sorter-orienter provides the following characteristics:

  • Servo-driven motorized
  • Automated cleat spacing controlled through capper HMI
  • NO upside down cap in elevator through our innovative design
  • Orienting type 400, CRC, Snap cap and flower cap
  • Up to 400 cpm
  • Standard cap diameter from 1″ to 3″ (24mm to 80mm)
  • Standard cap height from 0.25″ to 1.25″ (8mm to 30mm)
  • Air consumption – 8 CFM @ 300 cpm
  • Fast and easy transfer – requires no tooling
  • Cap hopper from 5cu.ft. to 9 cu.ft. (150l to 250l)