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Jalbert Automatisation – Recognized Leader In Packaging Automation

A leader in automated production, Jalbert Automatisation offers solutions adapted to pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food processing and chemical industries. Major corporations have confided hundreds of projects to the experts at Jalbert Automatisation.

There are many reasons for turning to automation: capacity problems, costs, quality, safety and more. Jalbert Automatisation examines your particular needs to find the standard equipment or to create custom-made that meets your requirements.

Designer and Integrator of Packaging Solutions

Jalbert Automatisation contributes to increase the productivity of your company. Jalbert Automatisation distinguishes itself from the integrators that exist in the industry by its capacity to design automated solutions that require mechanical designs and system controls.

In fact, our qualified team, composed by more than twenty engineers specialized in automation, will take advantage of their experiences to understand, design and find solutions to your challenges in your packaging lines.

The simplest ideas are usually the most ingenious.

Jalbert Automatisation is your partner of choice to understand and propose turned key packaged solutions

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